Findlay Forward is a community-driven process to develop a strategic plan for the City of Findlay.

Findlay Forward is an ambitious City-wide strategic planning process that will develop a Council driven community Strategic Plan, using input from the entire Findlay community. The process will include an extensive, diverse, and effective engagement process to gather input from the public and other stakeholders within the community. The intended outcomes will include identifying and analyzing emerging trends and community issues, articulating core community values, establishing an action plan (policies, programs, and projects) to implement the vision, and defining a method to revisit and update the plan to ensure ongoing success. A Strategic Plan is a long-term framework that outlines a roadmap for the future of the City. While this plan will be focused on the City as an organization, it often involves collaboration beyond the City elected officials and City staff to include the general public, business and industry representatives, service clubs, non-profit organizations, and school districts. The Strategic Plan is a moment for the community to pause, take stock and define, as a community, what Findlay should be in the future and how to get there. Specifically, it will outline a path of continued success. It is based on input from anyone in the community that cares about the future of the City as a place to thrive, succeed, and prosper. The plan is a guide for City decision-makers and will include an overarching vision that aligns all aspects of the Findlay community life, and identify goals and specific actions the City, Council, and staff will implement.

Why should I participate?

The community’s plan.

The Strategic Plan will serve the community by providing guidance to your City government leaders on City initiatives and priorities. Your involvement is critical to this process, as it will allow us to hear the values and aspirations important to our community and align with related decisions and priorities.

This is important.

In general, planning represents good stewardship. This process allows us to work together as a community to create a framework that will make the City an even better place in the future.

The City is listening.

Join your community to help influence how the City of Findlay will continue to grow and maintain its position as a world-class community for generations to come. We want to hear from the spectrum of voices in our community so that everyone’s perspectives are heard and considered.

This is an important moment.

We are fortunate to be in a prosperous position as a City right now. Now is the time to work together and make choices about a path forward so that we can carry our legacy to future generations. This planning process will develop a strategic plan that guides City decisions and priorities and lays out a community-wide vision for the future.

Who is involved?

Strategic Planning Committee

Decision Making

Decision makers and leaders who will be guiding the process. The Chair of the Committee will coordinate on behalf of the committee. Communications between the consultant and the members will be done through the Chair.

Community Outreach Team


The Community Outreach Team will focus on word-of-mouth marketing and promotion of public engagement opportunities prior to each of the rounds of public input opportunities. The Team will also help interpret community input and help guide and inform the community engagement process. At times, the group may act as a sounding board for the Strategic Planning Committee if there are topics or ideas that the committee would like to get input on as the process unfolds.


Targeted input

Individuals or groups with specific perspective or expertise will be engaged to provide perspective during the process.


Input and feedback

Widespread public involvement is vital to the plan’s success. A number of in-person opportunities and online tools will offer a variety of ways for the community to give input throughout the process.

City Staff

Local knowledge and City organization input

City staff will support and help to coordinate the work and will also provide local knowledge and expertise to each element of the plan.

Elected Officials


The final plan will be formally adopted by the City Council who will have a central role in its implementation.


Process leadership and expertise

The consultant team, planning NEXT and Julie Colley will work closely with the Strategic Planning Committee and Staff to facilitate the process and share experience from other successful communities nationwide.